• Application Requirements:

    In order to protect the interests of investors, all listed coins of BJS Innovation area must meet the following conditions - including but not limited to:

    - Submitted documents are complete and accurate.

    - Fulfill the professionalism and compliance requirements with no policy risks.

    - Recommended by professional investment institutions.

    - Strong team or community maintenance.

    - Projects have actual technical support or practical application.

    - Disclose project information, including white papers, periodic development and progress reports in a truthful and timely manner.

    - Other sperified requirements for being listed on BJS Innovation area.

    Delisting Policy:

    In order to protect the interests of investors, BJS Main and BJS Innovation area reserve the right to keep or remove any tokens from our exchange and notify the delisting via announcement, if project teams trigger the following conditions - including but not limited to:

    - Project teams fail to submit a weekly report and have not submitted a weekly report for more than ten times.

    - Project teams intentionally conceal any major events that may seriously affect the price of tokens.

    - Projects are suspected of illegal and criminal activities such as money laundering, fraud or pyramid selling.

    - There are other major risks in the projects, such as theft of coins by hackers, concealment of additional issuance and so on, which are sufficient to make the projects have risk events.

    - The daily average transaction volume of tokens is less than 50000cnyt or other equivalent tokens for more than 30 days.

    - Project teams are suspected of operating the market, and the circumstances are serious.

    - The publicity or marketing conduct of project teams damage the interest of BJS Innovation area or the community, and the circumstances are serious.

    - Dissolution or change of project team members.

    - Other circumstances that are sufficient for delisting.