Innovation Introduction

The Innovation area trading varieties are new products, global liquidity is small, price fluctuations are large, and risky blockchain assets. Such assets, generally available for more than three months, have already launched at least five trading platforms with certain strengths, have a certain appreciation space, and are more risky than the main area, suitable for smart investors. If the monthly transaction amount is less than 1.5 million CNYT, the transaction will stop entering the observation stage.

Trading variety

Less global liquidity

Blockchain assets with large price fluctuations and relatively high risks.

Pricing method

Transaction type in the Innovation area

We are using CNYT and BTC for pricing

Risk tips of BJS's Innovation area

Investors investing in the blockchain assets of the Innovation area need to understand the various risks highlighted in the < End User Agreement >, fully recognize the investment risks of the digital currency in the Innovation Zone, make prudent investment decisions, and bear the above risks. Liability and loss. In order to protect the interests of investors, Pens has always maintained an open and cautious attitude towards the blockchain asset trading. Different blockchain assets will have different trading risks and suit different trading groups. Based on a large amount of accumulated assessment data, we will partition the assets traded on the pen to inform investors of the trading risks and trading nature of different assets.